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The properties of clay are inherently primitive. The enduring nature of its use spans centuries, applications, cultures, while the ritualistic processes of working with it seem to strike a chord in today’s modern world. For ceramicist Cassie Hansen, clays capacity extends way beyond the tangible. It imbues a restorative sense of stillness to atone for the immediacy and digital remove of a contemporary world.


Cassie Hansen Piece

Innovation in the fabrication of new materials and huge technological advancements govern our everyday lives, yet it’s the profoundly archaic and elemental provenance of clay that tends to echo the most basic of human sentiments - the power to create. Clay has perhaps the most boundless potential for renewal of any natural material and it is the possibility in this notion that drew Cassie to the discipline of ceramics. 

Cassie has held the role of Editor at Artichoke Magazine for 7 years. The position exposes her to an inspiring assemblage of creatives who are systematically forming and shaping Australia’s future built environment. The edifying subject matter that lands in her inbox everyday ignited a yearning to create, engendering a pull towards the tangible and an allowance for instilling therapeutic balance into the long days spent metaphorically tied to her desk and screen. A beginners pottery course provided the perfect outlet and while Cassie’s expectations for her affinity with the material were realised, it was clay’s meditatively ritualistic and malleable properties that ultimately resonated. 

“I have an amazing job but the five days a week of sitting at a computer, at a desk, in front of a screen all day, with all the connotations that come with that amplified a lack of tactility. Clay filled that gap and indulged something that had been sincerely lacking.” 


Cassie Hansen Pieces


Cassie Hansen Pieces

In the three years since that first pottery course, Cassie has made space for the practice of ceramics in her everyday life. A tree-change to Kyneton a couple of years ago offered the chance to create a dedicated studio space which, in turn supported a professional renewal. Cassie now works part-time in her role at Artichoke, freeing up time to dedicate to the flourishing business that has grown from her propensity for change. 

Cassie Hansen Ceramics, the archetype that compliments and supports Cassie’s love of both architecture and pottery, has gone beyond her own sense of wellbeing to seep into the forms, volumes and compositions of her pottery. Reminiscent of the built environment, her vessels mediate between miniature architectural models and artisanal remnants that harness an enduring quality making them difficult to date. A linear imperfection and intentional eschewing of colour instils a beautiful integrity akin to found objects and sentimental possessions that allude to stories of origin. The evolutionary journey inherent to the idea of renewal is striking in Cassie’s finished pieces which have each been shaped and formed by ritual and a whole other definition that whispers words of resurrection and new beginnings.


Cassie Hansen Piece


Cassie Hansen Pieces

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